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Amiantit Europe offers an outstanding experience and support in the design, development, maintenance and transport of composite pipe systems. Well trained and experienced local experts support consultants and engineers in establishing the best GRP solution for their individual project.

Project Engineering

The local suppliers and manufacturers of Amiantit Europe ensure technical assistance to designers and engineers for project study and selection of the most suitable materials...

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GRP material gives a high flexibility in designing customer requested and tailor-made fittings and spools...

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At the request of the purchaser a field technician can be provided. The field technician is able to advise the purchaser and/or the installer to help him achieve...

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Although GRP pipes are facing only minor repair and maintenance needs, there might be situations where it is necessary. For example at pipelines...

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The GRP pipe systems manufactured by Amiantit Europe are supplied to all European countries. Working closely with all customers. It is recommended that “on the job” field service...

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AMITOOLS is an Amiantit online service offering software tools for static calculation of buried pipes and hydraulic calculation. The software tools, exclusively developed for Amiantit GRP pipe systems...

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