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AMIREN GRP pipe systems are predominantly designed for the trench-less renovation of gravity sewage systems with non-circular cross-sections. The pipes are manufactured in a discontinuous process by helical filament winding. Resin impregnated continuous and chopped fibreglass rovings are wound on a rotating oval mandrel with controlled sequences. Using this technology, a very dense laminate is created that maximizes the contribution from the three basic raw materials: glass fibres, resin and sand.

AMIREN oval shaped pipes meet Quality standards and test approvals of many countries in Europe. Among others, AMIREN products have passed the following standard tests:

  • Abrasion test acc. to DIN EN 295 part 3/DIN19565 part 1, TU (Technische Universitat) Darmstadt, Germany
  • Mechanical tests according to ISO 178, ISO 899-2, DIN EN ISO 527-4, DIN 53479, ISO 172
  • Joint leak-proofness tests acc. to DIN 4060 MPA Dortmund, Germany
  • High pressure jetting resistance test according to draft DIN 19523, IRO Oldenburg, Germany
  • Static buckling test MFPA Leipzig, Germany
  • Joint leak -proofness tests acc. to ├ľNORM B 5163


AMIREN pipe systems provide the market with a product that provides low cost, long term piping solutions to all customers. The long list of features and benefits add up to provide an optimum system of installation and life cycle cost.

  • Outstanding Product range
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Light weight (1/10 weight of concrete)
  • Superior hydraulic characteristics
  • Tight, efficient joints designed to eliminate infiltration or exfiltration
  • Low maintenance costs due to less deposits and a good self-cleaning effect

AMIREN pipe systems principally available in the following cross sections:

  • Egg shaped
  • Mouth shaped
  • Pear shaped
  • Parabolic shaped
  • Elliptical shaped

Other non-standard shapes, designed in accordance to specifications and project requirements are available on request. The standard construction lengths of the AMIREN pipes are 2 and 3m. Individual lengths up to 6m are available on request. The large production range of the AMIREN system also includes an extended programme of segmented fittings. AMIREN pipe sections used for sewage media solutions are installed belowground and by relining.

Pipes and fittings are typically joined using a bell & spigot coupling with elastomer gaskets. In addition, glued and laminated connections are also available on request. Length and thickness of the lay-up depends on diameter and application.

More information on AMIREN Products is available here.