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Sewer pipelines

Among the first and most successful installations of Flowtite pipes are sewer applications, where the sulphuric acid in concentrated sewerage is often the destroyer of many traditional pipe materials. In many countries, pipe engineers have become aware of this fact and will not apply any other material than GRP for this application. More information about Flowtite pipes for gravity pipe systems can be found here.

Flowtite pipes are also well suited for pressure sewer (forced mains) applications, where the durability of the material, ease of installation, and continual operation are critical. More information about Flowtite pipes for pressure pipe systems can be found here.

The available standard product programme ranges from DN 100 to DN 3000 in pressure class up to 32 bar and different stiffness classes. For water protection areas, double wall are also available on request. Flowtite pipe systems have been tested and approved for the conveyance of gravity sewer lines meeting many of the world’s leading authorities’ and testing institutes’ criteria, including:

  • Kitemark – UK
  • Kiwa – Komo product certificate K22463/03 – The Netherlands
  • AENOR Asociación española de normalización y certificación – Spain
  • Centralny Osrodek Badawczo - Rozwojowy Techniki InstalacyjnejAT/2002-02-1285-03 – Poland
  • COBRTI INSTAL – Poland
  • Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) Z-42.1-317 – Germany
  • AVIS TECHNIQUES from CSTB Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment – France
  • BCCA Belgian Construction Certification Association BENOR BB 652-665 – Belgium
  • ON Österreichisches Normungsinstitut ON-N 2005 085 - Austria
  • GH Certifikat sukladnosti br. 23-070/06 – Croatia
  • Institut pro Testování a certtifikaci, A.S.01 0187 V/AO/a – Czech Republic
  • Igmat Certifikat kontrole proizvodnje VOL2P-CPD-0067 – Slovenia
  • IRAM – Instituto de Racionalización de Materiales – Argentina
  • SABS South African bureau of standards
  • Bureau of Indian standards
  • Certif – Portugal

Drainage- and Dewatering

To limit the strain from torrential rainfall on both the combined-water sewer and sewage treatment plant, storm water overflows are used that discharge excess storm water into a drainage capacity, i. e. a neighbouring water course. Flowtite sewer pipes are also used to design

  • Storm water overflow systems (SWO)
  • Collection basins (CB)
  • Sedimentation basins with overflow (SBO)
  • Storm water retention basins (SWRB)

Storm water overflow systems are available up to 4000 mm and in variable stiffnesses; More information on storm water tanks systems is available in the "Download" section.