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The performance of pipes and their operational costs, which form an important aspect of the project costs in irrigation projects world-wide, has become increasingly evident. Particularly in irrigation, pipe systems are preferred which prevent the loss of water. As a composite material, the use of GRP is becoming more widespread in irrigation applications and Flowtite GRP pipes increasingly replacing traditional metal and concrete based pipes, as well as conventional open canals.

They are widely used in main transmission lines, network lines and pumping lines in irrigation projects. Siphon lines in irrigation systems usually cross steep valleys, or creeks and ponds. Thanks to its light weight, Flowtite GRP pipes allow easy transportation, even on steep slopes, and safe installation. Their high mechanical strength, flexibility against overload peaks and their corrosion resistance make Flowtite GRP pipe systems the preferred solution for irrigation siphon lines.

Excellent corrosion resistance makes additional corrosion protection or cathodic protection unnecessary and the well proven different GRP joining systems guarantee a safe, quick and easy installation of the irrigation pipeline. The excellent product properties, combined with individual, project-dependant installation methods, avoid leakage in transmission and network lines, vaporisation in open canals and operational losses.

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