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Industrial Applications

Flowtite pipe systems for industrial applications are predominantly manufactured for the industrial, mining, petroleum and chemical industries. Many entities are specialised in the engineering, design, delivery, supervision, installation support and hydraulic testing of tailor-made spools and fittings. Their skilled staff and manpower have a wide expertise in managing industrial GRP projects, among others at power plants, thermo solar plants, desalination plants, chemical industry, industrial sewage, fish farms, fire fighting systems or biodiesel plants. In addition, they give individual support for special applications, installation and maintenance for many industrial applications.

Chemical Sewage Treatment

The extended Flowtite GRP pipe range for industrial applications achieves outstanding results in industrial waste water treatment, the most complex sector in the sewage treatment field. Treatment processes have been designed for different applications. Flowtite piping systems are used predominantly for the fluid transport/storage in the networks listed below:

  • Neutralization
  • Oxidation reduction
  • Physical-chemical treatments
  • Biological treatments
  • Flotation


Desalination plants ensure the supply of potable water through sea water and must ensure quality and good potable water distribution. Flowtite GRP pipe systems are able to withstand both the operational loads and external loads coming from machinery, comply with local health requirements and assure a corrosion free system, no water loss, low head loss, low maintenance needs with very low life-cycle costs, as well as allowing high velocities. A Flowtite GRP pipe system is resistant to sea water corrosion and the resins used in the manufacture of the GRP pipes provide a natural resistance of pH 1 to 14.

Therefore, GRP pipes, as well as other special GRP fittings, are used extensively in:

  • Seawater intake pipelines to the plant
  • Brine discharges from the plant
  • Internal plant treatment pipelines (piping)
  • Distribution network of potable water

Power Plants

New and renovated power plants need to carry a big quantity of water, both for processing and cooling systems. The installation of a material such as Flowtite GRP pipes allows long-term confidence in the pipeline system, with low installation, operational and maintenance costs. The cooling process takes places in an open or closed circuit. In the first case, sea or river water is transported from an intake line to the condensers and is then returned to sea or river through the discharge line. The closed circuit requires cooling towers, where hot water coming from condensers is lowered in temperature before returning to the condensers. Flowtite pipes are extensively used for the intake, pumping station, main cooling system, discharge and subaqueous outlet (submarine emissary), as well other with special GRP pieces and water lines for auxiliary refrigeration. It is also employed in other power plant systems, such as water treatment and fire fighting networks.

Pulp and Paper

Flowtite GRP systems are also recommended for the processing and the transport/storage of wood pulp, whitening agents, colouring and residues. In the printing works, they are commonly used for the transport of liquid residues with acidic and solvent contents. Flowtite GRP pipe systems offer ideal solutions for these highly alkaline & acid sewer. The used vinyl ester resin allows higher fluid temperatures up to 90° Celsius.

Food and Agricultural

Depending on country, Flowtite GRP piping systems have food certificates for the secure transport and storage of food related liquids. Therefore, the sugar, wine, olive, brewing and canning industries benefit from the low thermal conductivity and the good resistance of GRP against aggressive acids, chemicals and cleaning liquids.


The outstanding product properties of GRP make pipelines out of that material also interesting for the mining industry. Due to their light weight and easy installation, Flowtite GRP pipes are used as well pipes for pumping ground water. In addition, there is an increasing need for air purification systems. This opens a wide field for products constructed in GRP. Flowtite air purification systems offer good chemical resistance at elevated temperatures and pressures and vacuum conditions to most acids, chemicals and other corrosive elements. The additional excellent mechanical resistance at pressure and the excellent product properties make Flowtite GRP piping systems an excellent suitable material.

Marine, Shipbuilding and Off Shore Rigs

Commonly used in sea outfalls and intakes, large GRP structures are designed to provide long life and easy installation below sea. Water intakes, and -outlets as well as diffusers, have been supplied up to 4 m in diameter, combining workshop and jobsite manufacturing. Large diameter wyes are also designed according to project specifications and provide great advantages during the installation as well as the operation of the pipelines. Their excellent corrosion resistance against seawater, lightness and fire resistance, make Flowtite GRP products a popular choice for cooling circuits, storage, transport and general construction in shipbuilding industry and offshore platforms.