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Flowtite pipelines have been used as penstocks for hydroelectric power plants since the early 1970s. From low pressure, large diameter Kaplan systems to medium range Francis turbines or high pressure Pelton wheels, Flowtite pipes, joints and fittings have enjoyed great success in penstock applications all around the world. The combination of mechanical and chemical properties makes them an ideal choice for hydropower and penstock applications.

The water hammer pressure or also called pressure surge is the sudden rise or fall in pressure caused by an abrupt change in the fluid velocity within the pipe system and it is an important value in penstock calculations. It is expected for Flowtite pipe systems approximately 50% of that for steel and ductile iron pipe under similar conditions. Our GRP pipes have a surge pressure allowance of 40% of the nominal pressure. Amiantit Europe offers penstock lines from DN 100 to DN 4000 in pressure class PN 6 to PN 32 and a stiffness up to SN 10000.

More information on Hydropower systems is available in the "Download" section.